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Industy 4.0, Smart or High Value Manufacturing, Internet of Things – just buzzwords for most of the small business owners. To reach economic goals it is neccessary to start and improve the process of digitisation. Whether in the publication processes or in general workflow management. And even in their generell day-to-day-business.

We do help businesses in this process.

We do identify startups with high potential in digitisation sector and help growing

We do develop business models for a better connected world

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about NicoGiesen

Entrepreneur with a solid strategic background in a wide field of different selling driven marketing solutions. Now about to create solutions for a (better) connected world.

Nico Giesen


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Please don't hesitate to contact me - whether you are an Entrepreneur too, who just wants to talk, a potential client or maybe someone who wants to invest in the future of a (better) connected world. I (or someone from the team) will come back to you soon. -Nico


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Im Teelbruch 68, Essen, Ruhrpott - Germany


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